Broken Colors

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 18:25 -- Kat2011


To feel the freedom of the brush

Against the flowing canvas,

To watch the color mix and twist

Full of overflowing vision

To create and make a piece of art

Made with expression and feeling

Ever releasing all the tension

It's a euphoric feeling

My world is full of color and life

Full of this beautiful, entrancing meaning

Yet, even though it seems so bright

It can all be so deceiving.

Freedom is often just a lie,

Just like the smile to my eyes

I try to act like nothing's wrong,

When I really want to cry.

Despite my flowing, painter's brush,

Despite my bright façade,

Deep inside, very deep inside

Lonliness remains.

An artist and a happy friend,

Whose bright colors often bring joy

Is ever wandering, all alone

A sad and broken soul.

Yet here, I feel the true feeling

That feeling of real peace

To write my feelings out

To feel like somewhere, someone knows

The feeling of being alone

I know now I am not alone

I know now there is no deceiving

That freedom really isn't a lie

For freedom of speech has meaning

The meaning of color in words

The flow of lead on paper

It's like the feeling of joy, of jubilation

Of blank canvas to a painter

To know my words will be read and heard,

To know I can be known

It makes my life a little brighter

For poetry can never leave me alone.


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