Broken and Fixed

Anger and disgust,

Lead me into sadness and distrust.

Death and despair, 

Made me truly realize how much I care.

How can I be so happy when such tragedy struck?

You learn to "fake it until you make it" then you feel stuck.

Flashbacks and dreams haunting,

His depression and mental illness came taunting. 

Hurt and sadness everywhere,

Makes you wonder does he even care.

A rope wrapped around his throat his feet dangle,

My once perfect life now in a tangle. 

Bipolar Depression, Schizophrenia, and Hopelessness

Made my big brother completely motionless. 

His death made me realize mental illnesses can kill,

Putting my life in God's hands, I let him do  his will.

Years later talking my friends out of suicide

Makes you break once again from the inside. 

Mental Illness is a killer that needs to go away,

Now I know it's in my life to stay.

Depression and Anxiety,

Equals an unbelievable reality. 

Wanting to make the true meaning of mental illness known,

I now know how much I have grown.

Asking for help with antidepressants and support groups,

I gain my strength trying to help others going through the same emotional loops.

Mental Illness isn't something fake,

Words and sadness can truly take. 

Hiding behind walls and masks, 

Leave so many uncompleted tasks.

The feeling of being disposable and a bother,

That's what takes the lives of so many others.

Mental awareness needs to be more well known,

Yet it goes unrecognized because of everyone's addictions to their phone.

Social media compares the fake lives others are trying to portray,

Leads us to think our own lives aren't to be appreciated today.

Make the mocking "jokes" a thing of the past

We need to be a society who shows kindness at last.

Through toils and despair, 

I know that I can be repaired.

The ugliness of the world needs to come to an end

You really shouldn't have to pretend.

I try to spread kindness to one a day,

We all wish we could wipe away our worries to go out once more to play.

Smile, compliment, help those who are sad

You may save a life, which makes others glad.

After the loss I suffered I learned an important lesson,

I learned that life is a blessing.

Help those in need, try to listen

You don't want to be in my position;

Losing a loved one to suicide brings unwanted questions

Was it something I said? or his depression?

I want to be an example of how to express kindness through my actions;

This is my own passion.

Let's work together to diminish the amount of suicides

Today let's rise,

Show your understanding and support,

Let's try helping them to not cut their lives too short. 

My mental illness does not define me, 

This is my biggest plea.

Throw out your opinions to help those in need,

for this I plead.

We can make a change together,

Let's try to make this known and make this place better.

We all have demons to fight,

Hang on tight.

God hears my prayers I whisper

Let me know if you need them from him or for her.

I want to make a change,

So help me become engaged. 

You are strong and beautiful,

Forget those lies that tell you that your removable.

You are important and loved,

I know that many make you feel misjudged;

It is our duty to make life be our new priority.

Take my hand and join me in prosperity,

Together we are strong and can end this tragedy; 

For in the end we are one big family.

Help create the ripple, help create the wave

Think of all the lives together we can save.




This poem is about: 
My family


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