There are some breaks you can see.
When you break a bone or twist an ankle, you get x-rays and you know it's there.
So do the doctors, and then they fix you.
You carry on with your life, adjusting to some things at first but ultimately, you're okay.

Some things are harder to see, like cancer.
Sometimes there's not even any symptoms.
But again there's MRI's and chemo to do the best to help you live, or if anything, live longer than you would have.
Your life continues with little bumps of treatment and you learn your new way of life.

Then there are things that are even harder to see from the outside, not because they aren't there, but because they're not physical things.
With mental illnesses, it's your brain that's broken.
This isn't cured quite as easily, and most of the time it can't be fixed.
You have to go on living like this, broken, fighting for everyday.

But in all of these cases, if you're reading this, you are a survivor.
You might be broken, you might never be 'fixed', but you woke up this morning.
And I am proud of you. So proud, and if you need to hear it today, I love you. You're here for a reason.
So even though you feel incurable, unfixable, broken, so do I, even if I'm not. And I've made it.
So you can too.
No one is ever Broken.

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