Tue, 12/09/2014 - 17:37 -- RPin14


United States
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Two broken souls, two halves of a whole. Two different footprints, on paths that barely cross.  It’s hard to believe the things that we see…

We are shattered, searching for those, that don’t fit the mold. We are broken and aching inside, our hearts come alive. We are the dreamers, the lovers, and hopers, brought together by love.

Winding shadows, empty space, living through music, and craving embrace. Our eyes are blinded by tears left unshed, and it’s so hard to hear cuz our hearts are deaf…

Stare at the shadows, and then we’ll appear, laughing and smiling, all through our tears. We don’t give hints to the pain that we feel; only those like us will know that it’s real…


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