The close people are the ones who cause the most pain

Stabbed in the back like Caesar, “Et tù brute”

It's hard to be pierced by someone who is far away

So I keep everyone at a distance, and cruise on my own, a destructive lane

My story is insufficient because of every torn page

I use to love hanging with my fellow cats

They were my friends

Now I feel like I'm in a lion’s den

Cause I heard them talking behind my back again

They're really vicious but started off harmless, a lion’s roar, that at first was just a cat's hiss, friendship, I'll never believe in it

I'm bruised, I'm hurt, I'm broken.

I'm sitting at this dangerous occasion that you’re hosting

You pretend your smooth on the surface ,but I see the cracks in your skin, no lotion

The water looks fine but I jumped in and realized there's nothing but salt in this ocean,

I say I can make it on my own, don't think I'm boasting,

 Really I'm bruised, I'm hurt , I'm broken

I'm a victim of rape, can I move on from that? Well no,

 I've been violated, is that joke?

Do you really think I can just accept any man who tries to approach?

He looks like a nice man….so

These days a pedophilia is dressed in the wardrobe of a pope

I was child when it happened so inside I still cry and mope

I'm full of issues so there's no room for hope,

I'm bruised, I'm hurt, I'm broken

My life is full of nothing but hatred

They say there's a God but I'm only seeing the works of Satan

The question is life or death, it seems so basic

Is suicide even worth debating?

Feeling more out of place than a room with 50 blacks and I'm the one Caucasian

I'm not sure about much but one thing is certain,

I'm bruised I'm hurt I'm broken

Expect me to stay cool when inside I’m past 100 degrees,

Like a foreigner, why talk if no one will understand me?

Everyone is pointing their index fingers in my direction, blaming me for my wrong deeds

And my middle finger goes to the creator G.O.D

Giving me a life full of misery

Having no father and losing my mother, a smile will never be seen, how can I be happy?

Clearly this vicinity wasn't built for me, your name is Earth but Hell is what you appear to be

I didn't foul anyone but I feel I'm taking the penalty

And now I don't hold an ounce of sympathy

I'm bruised I'm hurt I'm broken

I jumped into a relationship and gave it my all

But quickly and surely my summer turned into fall

Sacrificing myself for my loved one like a scene from Saw

This thing ended so early I wish it had never start,

I quote Alicia keys, have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?

Feeling incomplete like Tony without the Stark, a puppy without the bark

I thought this relationship was priceless but it ended up counterfeit

I felt more for you than you felt for me, the aching finally hit

Now I wish I could erase what happened and rewrite the script

Feeling hopeless like the rabbit, will I ever get the Trix?

I'm bruised, I’m hurt, I’m broken

Like Jenga, they pull the wrong piece and everything falls apart, like dang, maybe I'm not as strong as I thought

My opponent is tears; they're the only things I've fought

But I can never hold back every salty tear drop

They say time heals all so I hope to find the cure in the clock, I forget the issue is there until someone hits me in that painful sensitive spot

And now I'm angry staring at my watch

Cause time has gone by but the pain has not

These are examples of people that are hurting but may never admit

How can we turn our back on those who are afflicted when we hold the cure for the sickness?

 How contradictive

Don't give up on the broken, get some incentive, make the decision, offer a helping hand even if they choose to be distant

They might smack your hand away but don't allow that to cause friction, the last thing we need in this world is division, never giving up on those around us should be our mission

So continue to pray furthermore

No matter how many times they walk away don't close the door

Unlike us, the cry of those in pain, God can never ignore

I'm sorry for those who are hurt and scorn

For those who wish they were never born

This world can be ugly but there's always something that will be beautiful and that's the face of our lord

I know you've been beaten and mistreated

But don't you ever forget there's is no one who will love you more

How much bruises, hurt and brokenness will you sit alone and endure?

I know the scars are your life's legs have taken form

But run to him, he is the only way you can be protected, built up and restored.

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