Broad Daylight


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

i realize that i am more powerful than those that surround me

Those that blindfold me , scold me, and belittle my gifts

My melodies, notes, runs and rifts

My actions, my verbs, my objectives, and emotions

The monologue i spew to calm my esteem like oceans

Thy rod and thy staff comfort me, preparing a table before

What i will eat at that table is solely in the moment

Steak, Greens, Mashed potatos, or Wings

Could it be that very thing, that i use to soar

My renewed strength, that also keeps my feet planted on the floor

Honor you? That goal never puts life in a pleasant feel

My reel, playback in Broad light, just for me to be at peace and be still

Learn to Love thyself, just as thyself love all

Confidently smile and conquer that thing that was designed to make you fall

In Broad Daylight


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