The Brilliant Comet

the weight of the world has arrived,
landing right on my shoulders.
a blazing comet has hit me in the chest,
electrifying my heart and mind.
i've taken kindly to this comet
that burns softly through my broken heart.
a little heat and it was mended,
now you are melting it into my hands.
and the breath from my words can't help,
the full moon curses at me, "you asked for this love you fucking idiot, are you happy now?!"

I love this comet,

i do.

but it burns far greater than me.
I'm terrified to drop you,
you magical being.
i see your cracks,
and i don't want to break you.
I don't want to hurt you.
"god dammit Dylan!"

Therefore I don't deserve this ball of light,
you clasp of life,
I am not worthy...

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