Bright Days

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 18:38 -- XTAIGAX

They took me and I went with; why would anyone care?
And I waited here all those months, with a dark and empty stare
I waited patiently for death to come, I didn't even try
So surprised I was to see you there, wiping a tear from your eye
I was scared and I was alone
You had thought no one's home
But I was here -- I really was! -- but I couldn't even blink
In the extra months it took, I had so much time to think
It had already happened, already past, already done it was
I was confused when you asked why, and they answered, "Just because"
Because they felt like it? Just because they could?
Just because you could do it, doesn't mean you should
Who are they? Who is he? Who is she?
What are all their relations to me?
Did I do them harm, or was I an innocent passerby?
I asked myself all those questions as I gazed into the sky
I didn't think going with would cause so much pain
Honestly, I was a child; what could they even gain?
I didn't know better, naive as I was and always will be
Though now, as I look around, I realize I'm tired and weary
But I smile and go on, helping others along the way
Because I know its dark, but someday...
Everyone will smile along as they listen to what I say,
"It may be the darkest night, but soon, it'll be the brightest day."


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