Brian Robert H-----, a.k.a. Baby

Whiskey never tasted so damn good on my tongue

Until I could give you Jack-flavored kisses

My farts were never less embarrassing  

Until you named them "foofs"

And never did I want to dress the bed for anyone other than me until I was lying in it next to you


I never enjoyed the smell of cinnamon (so much)

Until I smelled your cinnamon-forehead

Messy hair never appealed to me

Until you drove me around Wisconsin country roads in your speedy convertible

And growing up with a nomadic single mother,

Re-locating never felt more stable

Until I was re-locating to be in your


         Arms for night and day and night again


Fireworks were never so brilliantly bright

Until I was wrapped up in your

Body heat sex was never so OH!

Until your love became its foundation

And eating that red-glazed, sprinkled donut

Never seemed so easy until you helped me think about my

Body as beautiful


Baby, if I was anywhere with you

At a five-star resort in Sedona, Arizona,

Sipping mint mojitos, for you, and whiskeys, for me,

Or on a deserted island

There is no one thing

I would rather take than


This poem is about: 
My family
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