Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 21:18 -- 129962


Breathe in. Breathe out. Air, wind, an ersatz zephyr, whatever you call it, it's giving the both of us life. The atmosphere, composed of certain gases, is made up of similar constituents to our respirating masses. Breathe in some stardust. Breathe out some supernovae. Most people take this for granted, don't they? It's as if the stars were born from some cosmic dust to live, breathe, and create the particles that we must construct into shapes and forms of molecular size that some may cherish, and some chemistry students despise. A birth insinuates a mother, or father perhaps. Then again, I don't believe the universe is a male seahorse's pouch: collapsed. Breathe in. See that? You're begetting new life! No, not procreation, but recreation itself. You're regenerating a new, just by inhaling the cards dealt out by stars, by their fusion tanks. Breathe out. Millenia upon millenia of nuclear fusions exit your very body. Breathe in your constituents. The lifeblood of the skies, from bosons to leptons, to quarks to gluons, to muons to neutrinos, to atoms, to molecules to particles, to whatever may add aroma to the air, enters you. Breathe out somewhere new. The chances are that you've never been where you're located before. Sure, you may feel secure in your "stationary" illusion, and I hope I don't illicit too much confusion, but you're probably wrong. You see, as we travel along, we rotate and shift on tectonic plates around the planet. Who knows who planned it, but there's more. There's a score of celestial bodies that orbit the fusion factory of gases similar to the ones circling our bodies as we speak. This little orb of elements dements our perceptions even farther by circumnavigating the discombobulating array of alien astronauts called the Milky Way. As if this galactic thruster didn't offer up enough luster, we're also a part of a monumental cluster, a family, of sorts. Breathe in. Where and what are you? Breathe out. Perhaps a much more simple answer than this will do. Breathe in. You're a melange of what you take in... Breathe out. ...and how you follow through. Breathe in the possibilities. Breathe out all you can do. Breathe in. Breathe out.


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