Fri, 04/04/2014 - 00:38 -- Emileee

Have you ever felt alone,like no one cares about you?

Felt alone even when you where with a bunch of other people?

Felt like if you put the chrome to your dome that no one would care?

Or if you put those pills to your lips that you wouldn't taste the darkness surrounding you?

Like all the pain and sorrow is swallowing up all your happiness in your heart and seeing your smile crumble as you look in the mirror 


As you fade more and more into the deep abyss,you seek nothing more than the light 

You think if someone would just see that you're fading away like paper in the wind,they would pull you out and help you see the light

But you are afraid to tell someone for the sake of being judged

Being judged isn't the only thing you're afraid of

You're also afraid that they just plain out wont care


But let me tell you, not everyone may care but I know for a fact that some actually do

There is a reason they have hotlines to call to help you

Tell someone close to you,tell someone you could actually trust with your life

Because if it really is your life being put at risk im sure they wouldn't mind taking time out of their day to talk to you and help you out

So please,put that chrome down and don't taste those pills

Because you ARE LOVED.

Because you ARE WORTH IT.





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