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Darkness and isloation

the only two things I ever used to know

mind your business

hold your head down

don't let anyone know you are here

you exist

you take up space

but that doesn't matter

not when you're useless

incompetent, uncapable and undeserving

not when you're me

you're pathetic, you're a wimp

you can't even stand up for yourself

you don't know how to fight back

what is expression to you

how do you even feel

you don't speak. you don't make sounds.

you're worse than a mouse

How. Do. You. Express?

here, take this pencil

and take this paper

write it down

don't keep it in

Write it down, for God's sake


do it for yourself

open up some

use your brain or use your fingers

pick one

express yourself

Poetry will help

Poetry is an angel in disguise

Poetry is now my best friend

Poetry taught me how to be...

I can finally breathe

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