Breathe in.

Ignore the way

Tension builds in your throat.

Your body rebels against you.

Just breathe.


Breathe out

All your sorrow.

Guilt that nags through the day.

Pain that keeps you awake at night.

Just breathe.


Breathe in.

Never mind that

Your lungs won’t fill with air.

You have to remind yourself to

Just breathe.


Breathe out.

Forget yourself.

Be at peace here and now.

Forget how you got to this place.

Just breathe.


Breathe in

And hold your breath,

Until you feel the tears

Threaten to pass your barriers.

Just breathe.


Breathe out.

Look straight ahead.

Relax your aching heart.

Now remember a simpler time,

Just breathe.


Breathe in,

What’s past is past.

Numb yourself to the world

As a shiver goes down your spine.

Just breathe.


Breathe out,

And lose yourself.

You may just find yourself

Between lines that blur together.

Just breathe.


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