What is poetry to me?

A means of expression?.                        

My thoughts they're jailed inside my mind trying to get released but always confined       

until my hand finds the pen and the paper becomes my script.

Word spilling out like water it drips.

I'm like an animal in a zoo you see me and I see you

but you never really know what I've been through.

I want to yell but not be heard

I want to scream but not disturb

I want to cry

I want to unwind all the feelings bottled up inside.

Until I have my pen and paper able to release me from my mask .

Poetry is my freedom my release my voice the reason why I'm still here today

it expresses the words I cannot say .

But that doesn't mean my voice is any smaller

that my words are any more significant

poetry to me is as important as how I breathe.

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