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So here it goes as I start,
I take a breath and begin.
Words fall like sand,
Slipping through my lips.
The tumble like stones
And pile at my feet.
I keep going cause I feel I cannot stop.
Just one more word,
Just one more line.
Another stanza
And the one after that.
I hear my voice cracking and throbbing
It fills my ears and warbles in the mike.
I feel my head lighten
As the weight of my thoughts escapes
Out into the space surround me
Out into the space surround them.
I feel my head lighten
And my wringing hands tighten:
I cannot breathe…
I haven’t breathed…
I feel my air
Wheezing out with every word,
My lungs feel like bellows
As I force out my lines.
I feel myself reach a precipice
I reach a brink
I cannot stop but I know I must.
I feel the need deep in my chest.
Here it goes:
And I continue.


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