A Breath, A Blow

Inhalation of disaster

time goes faster

Exhalation of the storm

boils the everbrooding thought

Using gifts to take in color

makes the blackness ever bright

in the light

in the dark

and the hardness of the heart

A breath in to steady the sway

a blow out to turn it away

This poem is about: 
Our world



A heart that is heavy, can be lifted not

says the pessimist, the downlooker on life

but then you see his eyes

His eyes sparkle and stare at me lovingly,

he enjoys covering my faces in kisses

When the dark shroud of the world around overbears on my soul

he is with me, touching my hand to give comfort

When I cry, he cries with me

When I laugh, he is full of glee

Together we are unstoppable, apart we are in each others thoughts.

This, is my happiness.

This, is a good dog.

My good dog.

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