The Breath

Safely kept under pillow under head,
withheld from the insistent and the malleable,
deeply swallowed in depths of a diaphragm,
A Breath, willing to die in silence,
contemplates hatred and promise:

Point of view,
unknown to the outside observer who insistently
understands all of one’s woes
who loves all truths for fear of their reality
who stands in disbelief at any opportunity
to strike innocence and love

Point of view,
not attempting to understand but rather to offer
that which is useful and real
who maintains all truth and is fascinated by their reality
who questions both the truth and the conspiracy
to strike conversation

suppressed not by society but by fear
which grows perpetually out of mind state
that may be mistaken or reshaped
that may be discovered and raped
of its naive sincerity

introduced to its potential through its contradiction
as it is read and judged silently
for it has been taken and produced
for it has been reinforced and used
without perverting his integrity

Such contradiction is relinquished by a broken sigh,
as The Breath is Let Out, cold and dry,
now provoked and loud,
by a passive blow to the chest;
which is no longer creating anxiety
which will no longer hold back fear of interpretation
but will find release through its own nauseous weave of acceptance.

The Breath, not limited to a notebook,
The Breath, Exhaled.


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