breaking Windows with My Heart

Love is a cannibal

chewing on the bones

of my heart

while I walk down Harper

vaping THC

at two in the morning

looking for a thug to piss off

who'd leave me dead

and bloody in the streets.


But I've walked all the way up to Nine Mile

and haven't seen a soul...

only a sad-looking puppy

who peeked out from a parking lot

looking for my affection.


I left him there to die.

Little fucker would probably just hump my leg

and eat my food

if I take him home

just like every skinny bitch

who said they'd love me forever

when I brought them back to my house

from the bar.


Nope, that dog's gonna die

under an abandoned car

and I'm gonna keep kicking

this heart-shaped rock

down the shattered slabs of sidewalk

until I find a window

to throw it through.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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