The breaking point of a sister & a marine brother.

Our bond used to be so united. We talked, we fought and we begged for each others pardon.
We used to to everything together go out, have fun, and spend time doing nothing but everything was fun as long as I had you by my side.
But all of a sudden I did wrong, you forgave, I thanked, but nothing was the same anymore.
We cant be in the same room as one another.
There's no more "Hi's" no more " I love you". No more talking.
I would tell you about anything/everything but now I cant tell you anything .
I'm glad I see you every weekend it brings joy to me that you're doing just fine I'm guessing I wasn't important to you.
I reminisce on all the beautiful memories we were able to create whcih I will learn to love & cherish them.
I cry myself to sleep hoping everything would go back to the way it was even though it never will.
We aren't united by a brother & sister bond, it's more like a blood bond that unites us .. nothing more .

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