Breaking the Mold

Will I ever be who I was taught to be?

Will I ever grow into the mold that was created for me?


Though life is meant to be lived with free will

I fear I am burdened by those who know me still


These expectations carve me like a knife:

“One day you’re gonna be the perfect wife”


“You’ll get married and have a few kids,

But only if I get a say in what their name is”



Have you no consideration for how I feel?

Why can't I be me? I just want to be real



Then something clicked, and I’d had enough

I knew it was time to start acting tough


Its time to let go of whats kept me from growing inside

And become tired of keeping up with all the lies


I’ve decided its time for my life to change


I'm going to break free

And I'm going to be me


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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