Breaking the Ice

Tue, 11/01/2016 - 23:36 -- Moni1x

I'm usually not one to break the ice.

I'm the type to stare past you while thinking of everything we could do together.

You may never know the thoughts that run through my mind.

My body may be pure,

But my dreams are contaminated with flith that I wouldn't dare to say out loud.

Because I'm usually not the one to break the ice.

I just give off vibes that are hard to grasp.

And I want to apologize for being so intimidating.

And for staring.

I was raised better,

But once I see something I want,

My eyes follow it like prey.

And I may never approach you,

Never let this information be known.

Constantly letting oportunities pass me by

While I drift off and think of you and I,

And what could possibly become.

So I'm sorry I'm not bold enough to break the ice.

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