Breaking The Glass Slipper

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 12:37 -- maddig

In stories like Cinderella,

the princesses always end up with a prince.

But what if they didn’t?

Would the endings make you wince?


In my version of Cinderella,

The beautiful princess is extremely dedicated.

She’s not searching for love,

No, Cinderella’s dream is simply to become educated.


On the night of Cinderella’s Ball,

Everything goes according to plan.

The princess looks as elegant as ever,

And her lost glass slipper is found by a man.


But when the prince came around to ask for her hand,

Cinderella’s answer wasn’t what anyone expected,

She declines the offer of marriage,

Saying she just wants an education and a chance to be respected.


Stunned by Cinderella’s response,

The prince still decides to honor her request.

He sends her off to a prestigious school,

Truly the best of the best.


Cinderella chose to put her education first,

And become more than just a prince’s wife.

She eventually goes on to marry the man of her dreams,

Except for this time, a glass slipper didn’t decide her life.


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