Breaking Down...No more me nor family

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 22:31 -- JJ1

Don 't you understand that I've been breaking down for years.

When you hit me with a bullet my heart and mind are crushed with tears.

Breaking Down in a illusion of fight, thinking will I be alright?

Several hours has passed and I awake, only I don't see sunshine,

but I see St. Peter at my wake. My moher has no idea where I've been.

She sheads when she sees people who commit this sin.

I'm in my coffin thinking about pops, had a vision that he didn't

care nor stop. On that fateful day mom said Don't go out... I care for you, Love you,

and you don't know whats Ferguson's about. Yes ma'am... THE DOOR SLAM...

BREAKING DOWN, THE POLICE ARE AROUND. Helicopters in sight, is this my

night? The moment I get a chance without peace, to go up too heaven and live with

the deceased?  Don't Understand I've been breaking down for years, as

I'm in a riot you placed me down and I have tears. I hear moms voice say you don't

know what ferguson's about. Now you've busted down the door, and I scream and

shout. A mistake I made to where justice is unpaid, to where I can't be saved.

BOOM!! It's all done can't you see, I've been killed and ruined my family.

My father didn't get to see me achieve, all he did was mislead. Now that

he has nothing to be said. Now back to where it belong, in ferguson where I'm

singing this sad song. Breaking Down can't you see no more me nor family.


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