Breaking the Body

 You make fun of my voice.Likening it to a chickenThe tears roll off my cheekLike the waterfalls of the NiagaraAre you a boy or a girlAre you queer or gay?Why limit me to the binaryFor you feel entitled cisquoI never will understand theeFor you say I'm too girly to be gayBut to manly to be transMy jewelry is me and me aloneLove the essence of meFor I take the chains off of the oppressionYou don't dictate my journeyFor your scared of my humanityYou say I'm loud when I'm expressiveBut is it because of my dark brown skinOr I represent African femininityThat has been disruptedThis we will never knowCease the bullshit and anarchyunearth the brokenness into wholenessRevert humanity within itself on the pivotAnd transform the figures into the truthJuxtaposing the essence between truth and fableScattering like the Roadrunner or Boris and NatashaBaby, my body is breaking dowm binary chainAnd converting into quadratic destinties


This poem is about: 
My community


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