My sanctuary has been breached.

Its walls are trembling witih betrayal.

And the sun's rays evaporate, leaving me alone. 

It is no longer safe here, I must leave...but where?

The attack will replay within my head wherever I go.

There is no escaping the volley of shards taht piered my flesh,

the sound of glass breaking through my carefully constructed shield.

But it wasn't enough. There was a chink in my armor;

One that slipped beneath my ever guarded gaze. 

Even I, who pride myself on necessary indifference,

Fell from the brutal force of the unexpected storm. 

Oh, I shall live.

Time is all I need:

To rebuild its walls, stronger than ever before,

To shake hands with the victor; a smile plastered on my face. 



ooh the feelings this envokes!! I enjoy tthe emotions portrayed here!

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