Bravery of a foster child

5 years of being in foster care, I was strong. I would never wish something on an eight year old. I fought hard to keep the tears in, and to hide them from my little brother and sisters, and which they took and seperated them too. I never thought I would be the mother of my siblings, when I knew my mother was present. they had no reason. They only drank. So many parents who rape, kill, beat, misuse,and harm their children. Take theirs, those kids deserve it. But we oh no, see we were truly interupted. In these strangers home I was the true stranger, They welcomed me with open arms, but i quickly pushed them closed. because they weren't her arms, she wasn't my mother. I fled from the world shut down the truth, and stomped on those who asked. How can these people take me from my home it wasn't broken, it wasn't cracked, it wasn't brused, it wasnt cold, it was just imperfect. But see isn't everyone imperfect? I could cry written this peom, and shed the tears that already fell into the palm of my little hands years ago, no I wont I will stand tall and just force those tears into these words. I will share to the world how strong a child can be and how fine he or she can hide their hurt. So brave strong and shy. how i wished everday I wished I was home. A beautiful day in June, I never thank GOD for anything in my life as much I thank him for sending me HOME. well, I thank him that day. By Asia Willis

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