The Brave Little Warrior

They always told him he was very brave.
That he had been attacked by someone in the night
and been given a slow acting poison.
They didn’t know how else to tell him.
He thought he was the greatest child in the world
and he told his parents the poison wouldn’t kill him
because he was invincible and stronger than the person who poisoned him.
It always brought tears to their eyes. 
The doctors supported  him, and went along with the story,
that he was a brave little boy who was attacked by an evil man
with a slow acting poison.
He told them the poison wouldn’t kill him, 
they had never seen such heart in a 5 year old.
And because of that they believed in him, 
even though the poison was spreading and taking over his entire body.
The doctors told the parents the news.
The poison would, after 10 months, take over his entire body.
The heartbreak brought tears to even the doctors.
They had believed so much in this strong hearted boy. 
He said he would beat it, but there was no way he could.
No one could tell him, he just had to believe he was beating the poison.
They told him that they could give him treatment, and help him out, 
even though he said he was strong enough.
He wondered why his little tufts of hair were falling out. 
His parents said the poison was getting strong, and he replied with
‘It’s okay, I’m stronger mommy I promise.’
A single tear left her eye as she held him saying he was her strong little warrior. 
By the time 11 months hit, he could no longer leave bed.
Doctors made him as comfortable as possible.
He still had a strong heart, and told them it would only last a few more days, 
and then he would feel better. 
He eventually fell asleep,
for an entire week, and did not wake for anything.
His mother and father held both of his hands, waiting for him to give them a sign,
a sign he was still in there. 
And then he did, he squeezed both of their hands, and without opening his eyes, he said
“Mommy, Daddy, Grandma says it’s okay now, she says I won.” 
He was smiling, and then he took a deep breath, and sighed.
The brave little warrior won the fight at last. 


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