The Brave

A top mountains and hills with clear blue skies,

The call of the wild runs wet on the rivers,

Many men have lived and many will die,

Mostly the brave ones over by the river,

Black Red and White have done so much,

The western world at our heels,

The children experience the hate and mistakes of our weary bunch,

In a world for a child that is too visceral and real,

We have come far and done the impossible,

The first modern melting pot that stands tall and shines,

For against modernity and complacency we still face obstacles,

We will surmount them in time,

Against the hateful nationalist and shameful anarchist,

Against the madmen preaching and sinners singing,

Against the world of mothers crying when her child is shunned for his lisp,

Against the world with the bloody past still stinging,

Against the horrors snapping on the backs of our youth,

I will tell you an obvious truth,

We will persevere and understand one another,

A nation of red white and blue where race doesn't always define brother,

Odds of peace were low but now it's bigger,

Thanks to the brave young faces over by the river.

This poem is about: 
My country


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