Brain Work


Truth is I’m not really a poet;

and don't you know it  

there are two things that make me tick.

So here I’ll go with my rhymes and rhythms

Just to get you to understand my feelings.

You see,

Music makes me click

I dont know if its form the click clack clock  from the rhythms that never stop

but certainly it makes me tick.

It seems that it’s rhymes never slack.

In and out,  up and down all a-round

black notes fall in line, never losing time.

It’s you, more like a group of you

A flat ,B sharp all together makes me tick tack , tock

with the rhythms and rhymes of the clock.

Music makes me click clack clock .

How could lalala three simple phrases

equal the integral of the inverse cos sin tangent.

Man it just doesn't make sense ,but it just works.

Its like the creators of your cords knew exactly what I needed.

The breath to my lungs,

The thing that reeded my thoughts to produce.

My own version of lalala

music inspires music, it never stops

thats why music makes me tick tack


You see,

Jesus also makes me tick tack tock

They always say leave the best for last

So heres a blast

For my savior

You rock

You rock harder than Led Zeppelin with a golden guitar.

Your love is so dang bizarre.

You're like a golden star.

Your love stretches so far.

Covering all of my scars.                                                                                                                                                                7/22/201



I’m getting too excited

but there’s no use in trying

for me to keep on hiding.

He is all that I are

I mean all that am

A better, Wow!!-man,

he takes a hold of my hand

and if you never felt it, you just can’t understand.

But Thats why Jesus makes me tick tack tock.

and music makes me click clack clock.

So let me sum this up, cause I bet you're getting tired

these two things help my brain ,not to tire.





                                                                                       Written By: Micah Scott




Thank you for taking the time to hear my thougths and words. I am really greatful.- Micah


Jesus does the same thing for me, too. Without Jesus I don't know where I would be right now and what I would do. People like you and me should send that message to everybody so that they can join in on the fun, love, peace, mercy, and so many other blessings He brings. I like your Jesus vibe!!! It even has my heart pumping love and appreciation for Him. If you don't mind, can you check out some of my poems? There not as good as this one, but they most of them pretty much show Him. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!


I would love to read your poems. 

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