From Brain Dead, To Lifted


Alas! morning has come upon us.

upon us, has for us to go to school.

Alas, we await for the our carriage to come.

Alas! we arrive, dreading the stream of boredom to come

Alas! It is first period, and thus an early test of bubbles and letters

Alas, the first student comes up from his seat and sends thy test with jitters of worry

Alas, the rest arise from their desk, brain dead from redundant memorization not of everlasting knowledge

 But of knowledge to use and forget over the weekend

Thus why does this knowledge not stay?

Ask thy unmotivated mentor that thus teach pupils

For he only teaches for bread, not for ripe pupils to bloom in the future

Alas! Thy last class among thy students has come

Alas they met with an energetic mentor greeting "AHOY my pupils!"

Alas, they students break their brain dead silence with a smile and gittyness within they gut

Alas they mentor jumps unto thy desk and with such energy, Thus rally the students to open their minds with excitement 

Alas, they students are not met with boredom and dread of knowledge

But they are met with passion and excitement to listen to they mentors knowledge

Thus the bells for it is time to go

Alas... They are not brain dead...

But lifted with rally

Alas... They await for more 


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