Braille(d) Silence

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 00:49 -- kmpdln

They say that love is blind
But I don't know how to read braille.
And if I could, the only words I would ever be able to feel
Are the kinds that are intangible;
Yet still - they'd manage to touch my skin.
That no matter how many times I try to figure out
The emotions that grazed under my fingertips
I would never be able to define the physicality
Of reality
Because my words only end up on my
Arms and never through my lips.
Chlls. Bumps.
Chapped and sealed
Trying not to stumble over my own footsteps.
This love because I'm blind
That because it's blind, it's real
Something that you can't truly speak with words
Rather than feel.
That this blindness because
I cannot see
Defines the definition of it
And yet no matter how many times I try
To convey or express the worlds
Intoxicating my lungs
Trying to exhale these thoughts that tum-ble,
Attempting to inhale love; because
Love can be restless.
Love can be invisible.
Love is quite,
Yet love can be loud.

That if these words could not utter and roll of my tongue
As easily as ice melts in my mouth
I would never be able to speak to you
That I could only hold you
And kiss you
And I would only ever be able to hear your laughter
And hopefully see your smile so I wouldn't have to see it
With my hands.
That I could love you
And satisfy you and that I could
Make you happy.
Yet my actions;
Always speaking louder than words because
I cannot speak.
And knowing that its the very last thing
You'd really ever need,
Hearing my voice would always be
The one thing that keeps you from
Sleeping because of the silence
Which is honestly just noise in my heart.

That love is, blind.
But it can also be silent

This brailled silence.


Luke Davis

Great poem very deep loved the ending

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