Brace Yourself

At our darkest hour

When we sit at our lowest

He is there, to hold us.

We look up although we cannot see,

for we are blinded by what use to be.

Our faith still weakened by our past and our discouragements.

Yet we step out anyway, though they discouraged it.

No encouragement.

But he sees, he's coming

To ask if you need him.

To ask if you are ready to see him.

The last few steps and you wait so patiently,

to see this Being who's always had faith in me

He's saying "Don't worry about your past...

"...I was there when you fell."

"Just wait for me, for when I knock you better brace yourself."

Hold on tight, for I am coming with force.

All the worng paths you've taken..

I'm closing those doors.

And even though I still can't see.

He's returning sight to me.

God said he's giving everything back to me.

He's put up the fight.

To redeem your sentence to hell.

"Wait on me." He says...

"I'm coming....Just Brace Yourself."


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