Boys will be boys

boys can't deny

how they feel inside

making some kids wanna die

and not even try

to stop the pain

what do they gain

is it a feeling of power and controlo that at any other time they wouldn't know

they gotta prey on girls

and make their stomachs curl


but boys will be boys


keys in our hands

check our surroundings

you could be followed wherever you go

they can't understand

how we have to plan

just to get from place to place 

feeling safe

it shouldn't be a race

for my safety


but boys will be boys 


how can these boys maintain these thought

when included in the 97% is someone that could be lost

like mothers, sisters, cousins and relatives alike

even your little neighbor riding her bike

these fears know no bounds

but were told were the clowns

for wearing what we want for once and family saying they've got a hunch

and you screaming that's enough

because boys are only boys when they're told it's okay

by the learned misogyny coursing throught their brain 

telling them she's flirting so she want you in bed

and thinking it's not bad if you just ask for head

and maybe it wouldn't be,

except no was said four time

society says that's ok but it was a lie


imagine if it was you

scared to walk alone in the dark

for a person who creeps up like a shark

ready to take a bite while your not paying attention

and wanted to check your chart

but you that mistake

you put your guard down 

so you're to blame


they try and say it's not a problem 

but it's hard to change when you keep hearing the same destructive way


boys will be boys

Poetry Slam: 



i just felt really passionate after the new statistic came out and made this. i hope you enjoy!

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