The Boyfriend Poem (Dark Chocolate Ascention)


His warm brown eyes gaze upon me

He seduces me and sedates my worries

Making them irrelevent to his presence

I'm caught in his dark chocolate embrace


He makes me a better me

He sees the good in me

Inspires me to do more

Never using my past against me


His rough hands soften as they touch my cheek

His smooth skin reaches beyond my tough exterior

He sees angel wings when others goat horns

Never afraid to speak his mind


His cute attempts at chastising me makes me think

He reaches through my stubbornness

Even when mad at him it's hard to stay mad

His penetrating puppy eyes permiate through my pupils


You are my uplift

You give me something to look forward to in life

You make me want to pursue Gatsby's deferred American dream

A true romatic "old sport"


Your kisses and dare I say lip bites fill my mouth like espresso

strong, black and the right sweetness like how I like my coffee

My own personal cafe that gets me through the day

Your love travels trains and buses for me


I was asked to write about what uplifted me

and well, you were the first image that popped up


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