To the Boy Who Talked About My Virginity

To the boy who said he can’t be with me

because I’m a virgin it was a sparkling

Friday night

and I was feeling vibrant full of

stars and confidence

We had always been friends but never

really to close I asked if you would give me a chance

Feeling lucky as if the sky was in my hands

you replied I rushed to phone nervous and excited

to see what was said

you told me that you would but, "it’s just that i was a virgin"

Darkness filled my chest I never said

that i wanted to have sex with you

ignorance has eroded your mine like rust

has corrupted a bicycle pipes

Full of potential

But yet it struck

Maybe it was puberty that caused you to

believe that just because your balls

dropped that my panties should have

dropped by now to

So yes I’m a virgin my flower will

not blossom just because someone

picks it from its garden

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Our world
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