A boy walked through the woods


A boy walked through the woods

he found something no boy should.

The boy found his father,

his father was doing something

no father should be doing. 

His father was looking for the love 

of his life. The father told his

son I'm doing something no one should 

after marriage. The son 

asked "If you are doing something

no father should be doing then am I 

doing something no son should be doing? "

I (son) am walking through the woods and I

found you doing something you should be doing. 

The love of your life left you because she died, 

so you are looking for her out her and shes not here.

You should be looking for the love of your life in 

your heart. So I'm here here by accident to help you 

find the love of your life. So, I'm the boy who walked 

through the woods to find my father doing what no father

should be doing; searching for the love of his life lost in the woods. 


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