To the Boy on the Other Side of the Water

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 15:30 -- a.hedg

To the Boy on the Other Side of the Water, 

At first the camp we lived in was in harmony, 

And the children played and smiled,  

and nothing was to fret, 

But the water called to you. 

You played with us children, 

and you taught us what light was, 

You showed me how to find the light, 

But the light could not protect you from the water. 

As I was your protection,  

the armor on your back, 

As we watched the sun,  

as the light touches the water. 

You were smarter than the rest,  

But more adventurous than others, 

And yet still the water called to you. 

As we got older you forgot to find the sun in everyday,  

The light inside the water. 

My protection for you got weaker, 

I forgot to have your back, 

And so, you walked closer to the water. 

I shouldn’t have left you by the water, 

I shouldn’t have let you touch it, 

 as it brushed the shore, 

And so, you moved into the water. 

And now instead of the child calling for the parents, 

The parents call to the water, 

Wishing for their son that got washed away by the water, 

Your light burned out as it disappeared behind the water. 

Love the girl on the other side of the water. 


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