A boy name blind

        once upon a time I saw a life story about a boy named blind. I must have read this story at least one thousand times ,even so that i remembered word from word line from line ,the boy named blind .....all i can remember is being in a dark room with no light I was there for a long time tossing and turning from side to side then i  noticed this dark grow wide. no talking no walking did i  remembered to cry?. I sat in this dark room for the begigining of my life confined.then i heared a soft panic voice say "its time" to make a long story short i finally seen the light and oh boy was it divine! i  never seen anything like this wait!  I dont think it is time. I wanted to go back in my dark room one more time ; they named me blind. I walked through life with my heart and my pride common sense didnt bother to tell me  use your eyes..  a boy named blind. I looked at life like a book that was mine with all  blank pages filled with what I had in mind; no general rules no lessons no price no fines no cause and effect just imaginary cautions signs. "giggles" I mean it was as if I was the only one in the world as foolish as it sounds i was the author of my own life..... A boy named blind I mean just going and going with no end in sight a few pit stops here  a few stop signs. i sped pass yellow or red it was always green traffic lights.and then i noticed my vehicle and the passenger was no longer inside just a sleeping soul with a spirit left in drive i must have ran out of gas or was drunk last night cause i remember a angel  she said "now this will be scary then she flashed her light and i know i messed up cause her eyes grew wide she held my hand and stayed by my side slowly she brought me closer and closer to the reality inside ;a boy name blind she grabbed my shoulder and turned me aside she said now see i looked up in the mirror and i broke down and cried. busted and mangled i was missing my eyes torn and ripped with passion and pride, with lust and pain and missing traffic signs with doors and invisible breaks and missing headlights..... the boy named blind        


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