A Boy to a Man


Adopted at birth, I now know the truth.

I figured it out, you could say I'm a sleuth.

Friendly and happy, a sweet shy kind of guy.

Describes my essence and I'l try to show why.

I've been in advanced art and I am good with paint and pens,

They illuminate my drawings and help to make the edges blend.

Learning to speak spanish,  I'd say has been key,

¿Cómo estás? ¿Dónde vives? was easy for me,

But conjugating verbs like sobreviví?

It means I survived AP Spanish at last,

And soon even CCA High School will be in the past.

I can't wait for college and hope to live in a dorm,

Where an International Businessman will surely be born

I color my hair, that's the artist in me,

Not sure it will be affordable in college but we'll see.

A GPA of 3.8 is my best,

Although I am sure college will be a greater test.

I hope you like my poem and got a glimpse of who I am,

I am striving for greatness,

Was a boy now a man.


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