To the Boy I Used to Be

To the boy I used to be,

Try not to be so naïve.

Take things more seriously.

I'm not joking!

It'll save you time,

It'll save you tears,

It'll save you love,

And it'll lengthen your years.


Sometimes people are going to hurt you,

Sometimes people are going to leave.

Sometimes you're going to have to take it.

You got it, boy I used to be?


Your dreams aren't all just coming true,

They will all depend on you.

How hard you work,

How strong your passion,

And sometimes how fast you get up

When life hits you in the gut.

And even then it's a gamble.

All of the odds are against you,

But keep on dreaming and push through.


To the boy I used to be,

I'm ever so sorry.

Because storms are coming

And you're going to be left at sea,

Cut open to bleed.

But you can get through it.

You can do it.

It's just going to take a little time,

And you'll want a few friends at your side.

People who love you

People who care

People who notice

If you're not there

Because those are the people that you need.

Don't you see, boy I used to be?


And finally,

But definitely not the least

To the boy I used to be...


Don't turn out like me.


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