The Boy With His Head Down

Wed, 06/18/2014 - 01:19 -- gummy98


No one knows how he feels. They just laugh and call him names, for what seems like no reason.

It's just the boy with his head down

He walks the halls not looking up, trying to avoid everyone. He's never known kindness from anyone.

The boy with his head down

He likes boys. So, what? He has that right, doesn't he? He doesn't need your "advice" of what's right.

The boy with his head down

He can't take it anymore. He lashes out, and now his head is forward facing. "YOU HAVEN'T A SAY IN WHAT'S RIGHT! YOU'VE BEEN BRAIN-WASHED BY SOCIETY AND RELIGION!"

The boy speaking his mind

"How dare you think you can judge me because of my preference," he speaks calmly now, "because really your the one doing wrong..."

The boy crying

And as quick as his head came up it now went back down.

The boy with his head down

He was never bullied, laughed at, or talked about again. His short, but powerful soliloquy had opened the eyes of all of those that had for so long had them focused on what they believed was right.

The boy with his head down was now The Boy Who Had The Balls To Finally Say Something.

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