The Boy Down The Hall


There he goes again

Beauty in every step he takes

My dorm is just in the opposite direction

8 steps to be exact

Does he know the itallian "Hello" gets me everytime?

Like the feeling of walking out of a hot shower and into a cold room

It feels as if I am steaming 

Heart beating to the sound of every step he takes

Wondering if maybe if I open the door at the exact moment 

My eyes may yet get to meet his

And that Italian "Hello" will get me once again

I am not wishing for a fairytale ending

I am just simply wishing for the boy down the hall

To walk by my dorm and instead of speaking first 

He'll get caught by surprise to hear

My Spanish "Hello...

I'm the girl down the hall."


And this time

Maybe this time

I'll be the beauty in every step I take





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