The boy behind the curtain


The boy behind the curtain,
Was hiding his man.

He couldn't bring himself,
To take his own stand.

What other people saw,
Was just their own reflections.

He changed to fit in,
And couldn't stand rejection.

He couldn't be himself,
He was a people pleaser.

Cared so much about the other,
His true colors couldn't be there.

He looked his days,
And starts to realize.

Everybody in his day,
Are living their own lives.

It's not about pleasing others,
And not about their wealth.

As long as you all love each other,
You can be yourself.

You never can please everyone,
So don't try to.

And you'll never fully understand,
So walk in your own shoes.

But so you know the pride of life,
Can be a dangerous path.

I'm not so good with numbers,
So you can do the math.

The moral is,
Even though your path may be uncertain;

You never will find out,
If you live your life behind that curtain.

I'm glad to say,
The little boy has turned into a young man.

And it never would've happened,
If he hadn't took a stand.

That young man there,
just recently found his destiny.

And I'm also glad to say with all my heart,
That the young man there was me.


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