A Boy and His Dreams


When the boy was little,

he dreamed of having wings.

Like an angel, he could rise,

and forget all earthly things.


When the boy became a teen,

he dreamed of going to war.

As a soldier he would serve.

He had a country worth fighting for.


When the boy became a man,

he dreamed of a loving wife.

He returned from battle, a hero of war,

and that was his start at life.


When the boy became a husband,

he dreamed of having a daughter or son.

His wife thought just the same,

and soon their lineage had begun.


When the boy became a father,

he dreamed of a succesful line.

As his children grew and matured,

he started minding his time.


When the boy became an elder,

he dreamed of being young again.

And with his fleeting moments,

he wondered what could've been.


When the boy became an angel,

he dreamed of no more things.

His dreams became his legacy,

and he finally had his wings.


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