Boxed in a LEGAL SWEATSHOP in the City of Trees


In the City of Trees,

There's lies a building on a campus

I manage this building and the crew which works it

Long hours from 4 to 2 in the morning,

They soak up my life on the weekends,

I don't get paid well,

But at 7.25 it's still legal,

I live and see the frugal life,

In myself and my crew,

Most of who are just a bit older than myself,

We clean, we set up rooms, and we do anything else,

Everyone shits on us and takes the credit,

It's forced me to toughen up,

And act like an asshole,

I don't like this place,

But what can I do?


I go to school full-time,

I haven't taken out loans,

Everything is paid out of pocket,

But I barely get through the months,

Life sucks and has sucked for years without end,

I'm sore and grumpy and people judge me like hell,

They say he's cold-hearted, no passion at all,

I'm the guy that works on the weekends with no soul,

That's why I'm able to give up my life,

Is that who I realy am?



That's not me,

I love biology and I want to get a PhD,

I'm not an asshole off the clock,

Even more,

I love to help tutor your kids,

I don't go to school for a qualification,

I walk to campus for a passion,

If you see me outside my building,

I'll probably be down to have some fun,

So WHY do I continue a job that causes a bipolar effect?


In the City of Trees,

There is no protection,

From employers who fire without a question,

Even at this university where I work,

The themes of justice don't really exist,

Protect the universtiy! Protect its reputation!

Me, my crew, we're all expendable,

I can't quit,

I can't leave my crew like this,

I only have one more year left,

What boxes me in,

Is the consistency of financial need,

I work in a sweatshop,

A legal one at that,

I can't change it,

I know I'm bound to this place for a while,

Yet it sucks the life out my soul and has begun to spread,

It spreads into my alter life,

In the biology department or in bed,

It has to stop,

And maybe the sacrifice of employment for myself to truly live,

Is the only option way out,

I'm not a poet,

I'm not a special person,

I'm like any other student with similiar problems,

But you know what?

MAYBE just MAYBE I can finally catch a break,

and ease some major pain

I'm applying for this on a whim, and maybe my day will be made. 





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