Box Of Chocolates


A person

or a box of chocolates?

I, Kaitlyn, a glittery box with crisp edges

opened to reveal a collection.

Different flavors and appearances 

to make up one.

Posted on Instagram to make even better,

to seem more appealing,

to please an audience but not itself.

What Instagram posts don't show

is what is inside the box. 

Not what the chocolates seem,

but what they really contain

not just what the box advertises.

To the right

a dark chocolate square

filled wth love for rock and bands, 

for heavy guitar and drums,

for a want to be different.

Below, a milk chocolate circle

stuffed with the sound of screaming fans,

applause shaking the roof,

the feeling of happiness surrounded by people who love the same thing,

the love of the music on stage.

To the left, a cracked square oozing strawberry jelly

showing it was once together but broken,

it was hurt by its surroundings,

it’s been through a struggle but didn’t completely crumble.

Above it,

a white chocolate rectangle

made up of creativity and design,

the want to express creatively ideas in writing and art.

Next to it,

a milk chocolate caramel filled square

overflowing with hopes to succeed,

hopes to become what was always dreamed to become,


knowing what is wanted to be achieved, 

failure when what is expected to be achieved

is not. 

Lastly at the bottom,

a salted chocolate circle

filled with passion for art,

for TV shows obsessively,

for book series that never gets old,

for ideas that bring joy and happiness.

The box of chocolates,

the box that is shown to the world in a light

different than to what it really is.

A box that contains more than what meets the eye,

a box that can only be understood

if it's wanted to be understood

with nothing to hide;

with no filter. 




Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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