The Box


My dear friend,


You once told me

“I feel like I’m in a dream;

In some sort of box that is so complex

that I can’t seem to dig my way out,

no matter how hard I try.


It’s as if something put me here

to try to comprehend and intellectualize

all the wrongs in my life and advantageous people

and put an end to it all.


To stop the abundant diversity of “human beings”

who take advantage of me without realization.

To stop everyone who continuously walks over me

and leaves indents in my mind and heart;

Never to be repaired again.


How could I possibly explain this feeling of hopelessness

in my ability to recognize and react to all the people

who constantly tear me down

and never realize themselves what damage they’re causing?”


It’s a hard world out there with dirty, despicable people

who thrive off the desperation and sheer pain of others.

How could someone live with themselves after

knowing they’re contributing to someone else's agony?


You may fall deep in love and everything seems picture perfect;

The person, your relationship, your life, your mood, etc.

But in an instant it can all come crumbing down into ashes

and rubble, and the damage becomes irreversible.


Your studies can be going outstandingly, receiving exemplary grades,

obtaining scholarships left and right, having colleges fight for you, etc.

But suddenly you can fail a class out of nowhere

And now all of that hard work goes to nothing

And your dream college turn simply into a dream than reality.


How can you recover from something so drastic

And detrimental to your well-being?

How could you possibly get over and through this all on your own,

when you’re the one who’s always depended on and there for everyone else,

yet nobody is there for you?

It is quite the triumph to be able to get through

the hardest moment of your life on your own.

But you become a better person because of it;

You learn how to protect yourself when

no one else will.


You learn to be able to take every obstacle and

grow from it and move on;

Because all the resulting pain and agony

is only temporary, not to be dwelled on

for it can make your suffering greatly worse.


You have to obtain the ability to mature from the bleakness.

It is definitely difficult to learn but is possible.

You can’t let anyone tell you how to act

and who to be and how to feel.


Stop allowing those abhorrent and ugly so called “human beings”

take advantage of your vulnerability,

when you’re weak and fragile, open

to the world and its broad influence.


Don’t let someone be the reason you don’t thrive off of life.

For you are a sunflower in a field full of

dead, dry, weeds, sucking the tender life and joy

out of you; taking your glowing, healthy light

and turning it back to darkness and an endless

black hole of misery and deterioration..


So, by realizing your own ignorance

towards those who take advantage

and suck the joyful life out of you,

you can stop the feeling of living in the closed box of loneliness

and depression and break free to the open world

of amazing people and missed opportunities

you were unaware of before.

Climb out, and don’t let yourself come back.


                                           Your person,

                                                            RaeAnn Tovar



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Our world


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