Bowling Lies

I’ve lied to myself.
Twisted words and flipped meanings inside out
Stared at NO long enough until
I squeezed the yes out of it
Like the end of drink
In the sticky heat  of the summer
I just kept slurping and slurping the truth
Until I found a lie good enough
To make me forget
Right versus wrong
I’ve gotten really good at it.
You know it’s a shame when you can hide things from yourself
And still have the nerve to get mad
When the truth comes out.
So I write to remind myself
How I really feel
When life gets too hard to grin and bear
And I just wanna lie to myself
Because I’m fine rolls out mouths like
Bowling balls down the shiny wooded lane
Until I get hit in the pin of my
And reality strikes away the fairytale
I’d rather live in.


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