A Bouquet Of Roses 

A beautiful bouquet of Roses 
Oh how I love them so 
They were delivered to me this day, 
With true love on its way ; 
He lives in Paris were love and romance is found, 
The love of man that cant find any words to say, 
He gave me his words in beautiful bouquet of his heart 
In all colored Roses , 
I know this man that loves me so he gives his heart like solid gold, 
This love is so strong ,

this love keeps caring on like a ocean that has no end. 
Flood tide of the river flows with a heart that cries of long ago . 
This man that sends me his true love when he writes  
On beautiful card attached with my name, 
With lot's of beautiful lace , 
My tongue of every atom of my blood form'd from my soul  
To God that holds the heart of my soul ,  
To the man that gives me beautiful bouquets of Roses , 
Tells me so much stories Of Jehovah God with so much love ,  
I try to tell him how I feel . 
The yellow you give me is our friendship that Jehovah God gave us , 
Because Jehovah God is the rock , and foundation of love ,  
You came into my life when I needed you most, 
A great friend was bestowed on me you see . 
And this I will give you is all my trust, 
Because God knows both of us , 
You stood by my side through hard times, 
Even in the pouring rain you held my hand and told me we will be OK 
Even in the stormy day's . 
You filled my heart with purity, and so much love you have given to me 
Innocence and piece of mind you write to me with so much love in a note 
You put in every bouquets of Roses you gave , 
Pink you give me for your gentleness of your touch , 
Your heart of nature truly inspire

me to hold on to love from heaven above 
Who sent me you . 
My life now has hope and serenity, 
Your beautiful ways I admire. 
Paris is were my heart has always desired to me . 
This red rose you give me to hold is love, 
That's grown over a period of time, 
I give my love with a note and a  rose with all of my heart, 
This beautiful bouquet of roses, 
That were chosen straight from the heart, 
I give to you . Lets keep our love true and keep it always new 
I love you . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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