A Bouquet Of Roses

A Bouquet Of Roses is what you 
given me how sweet  
They were delivered to me 
With true love on its way 
He lives in Paris so far from me
were love and romance is found
to be 
The love of man 
that cannot find any words to say
He gave me his words in beautiful 
bouquet of his heart
In all colored Roses 
He gives to me out of love 
He gives my his heart from far 
like solid gold rose 
that stands on it's own 
To keep this love strong
This love keeps caring on like 
a ocean that has no end
Flood tide of the river 
flows with a heart that cries 
for it's true love to come home
This man that sends me his true love 
when he writes the best poet lines of
all times On beautiful silk ink paper 
with elegant hands 
He writes my name Lilly 
To the stars of Paris skies 
He holds the key to our love that runs 
on easy in summers breeze 
He gives me beautiful bouquets of Roses
Of forget me not 
The yellow rose you give me
is the friendship with Jehovah God 
He given to us out of true Love
Jehovah God is the rock 
the foundation of love 
Jehovah my God put you in my life 
at the right time when I needed you most 
You stood by my side through hard times
Even out in pouring rain you called my name
you held my hand and sad all the words 
I needed to hear to keep you near
without fear 
You had told me we will be just fine
Even in the stormy day's 
You filled my heart with purity
You had given me so much love
You given me my Innocence and piece of mind 
you write to me the sweetest lines 
with so much love in a note
I set hear and sob
with your excellence of words 
you put a fire in my heart that will always burn
You put in every bouquets of Roses you had given me
Pink you give me for your gentleness 
of your touch
Your heart of nature truly inspire me 
to hold on to love from heaven above
Who sent you to me
My life now has hope and serenity
Your beautiful ways I admire for life
Paris is were my heart has always desired to me 
I'm so glad you Love me.
Lilly Emery


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